Year 3, Day 2 – iPad Stories

Last Friday we gathered for Year 3, Day 2 of our Arts Educator 2.0 project.  Our teachers have had their iPads for about 6 weeks and it was amazing to see what they’ve done so far.  Here are some of the highlights for me:

  • an artistic assortment of iPad cases, covers, and customized skins – I even saw a teacher who had had her original artwork transformed into a gel-skin for her iPad – a graphic image of herself!
  • a ton of neat apps.  Nearly every one of our groups worked in some time for sharing or “iPad trading to occur.”  Teachers were using the breaks and lunchtime to see what apps their colleagues were using.  Many are starting to document the things they like best – much as we have here.
  • Apps jam.  A guest we had on Friday, Jordan, is a music professor at a local university.  He put an iPad under a projected document camera during lunchtime and started to jam with a drumming app.  Several other music folks tried their hand with apps, modeling the use of the iPad as a musical instrument.

We’re looking forward to hearing more about how teachers are using their iPads to transform teaching and learning in the classroom!

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