iPad vs. Netbook (the saga continues)

This week, my colleague and the evaluator of our Arts Educator 2.0 project and I are in Washington, DC for the USDOE’s annual arts grant director’s meetings.  I chose to repeat my choice of technology from this summer’s trip to ISTE in Denver – the netbook, the iPad, and the iPhone.

This time there was a new twist to the challenge.  The first year of this particular meeting we had no wireless available at all (it was a long meeting!), last year and this year we had access to wireless but had to pay for it.  So my challenge has been – which tool do I choose to put on wireless, as it doesn’t make sense to pay for two separate items to be online at the same time?

Which would you have chosen?  Why?

My choice was to use the netbook – mainly because of my comfort and preference a true keypad.  I am much more fluent with the iPad keyboard at this point, but I still prefer the feel of a real keyboard.  I also chose the netbook because of my preference for multiple tabs in a browser as may usual online “work environment.”  I think that once the iPad truly allows for multitasking, I will make the switch to iPad more easily.

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4 Responses to iPad vs. Netbook (the saga continues)

  1. bethanyio says:

    I agree that I love the quick boot-up and run time of the iPad, but that multitasking is a must for me!

  2. Christopher Galik says:

    I’d have chosen neither, and used my jailbroken iPhone 4 with PDANet and/or MyWi to tether both my netbook and my iPad, giving me a “speedy-fast ™*” internet connection on all three devices. But that’s just me. =P

    *”Speedy-fast” is a registered trademark of Susan Cromwell.

    • Hey! Great idea – but I’m just a bit shy about the jailbreaks now because of troubles I ran into when my iPhone “accidentally” updated itself to a new OS and locked down because of some work “a friend” had done on it 😉

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