Round Two

So iPad fever has calmed down in my world. I’ve kicked the “gotta get an ap” addiction and I’ve even stopped buying books weekly. Now what? Now that the honeymoon is over can iPad and I form a true working relationship?

Seems that Round Two is here. So far I’ve identified some great personal uses for iPad, I’ve pulled it out in my work life to “ooo” and “ahhhhh” responses. I’ve facilitated as the Arts Educator project handed iPads to teachers and watched their excitement. I’ve also watched the same process unfold that I went through as I started the summer exploring iPad in the classroom.

It goes something like this:
Step 1- Wow! This iPad is a great tool- especially for surfing!
Step 2- Cool- what a fun ap! Wow they have an ap for that?
Step 3- This iPad is so easy to use, I’m finding that I am doing more on the internet, trying things, branching out. I’m more connected now.
Step 4- I have one iPad and several kids. I can’t depend on internet access everywhere that I am asked to teach. I want to use the iPad in my classroom in productive and innovative ways. Now what?

I think it is time for Round Two. When I first began exploring iPad I challenged myself to use only iPad for 24 hours. This is when I learned that it will probably take purchasing the Apple suite of productivity aps. I also ran into a drawback- I can’t work on google docs on an iPad. (Rumor was that Google and Apple were working on this – does anyone know the status of that?)

Now it’s time to revisit. I am about to plan a new semester of Theatre classes. I think the challenge this time will be this: How can I write the iPad into my teaching? And how can I use it WITHOUT internet access?

So it begins with:
What can an iPad do really, really well besides surf?

About Cory Wilkerson

Cory is a Free Lance Arts Education Consultant working with Arts Ed 2.0 and Project Manager for State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education.
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2 Responses to Round Two

  1. Hi Cory,

    I was out doing a workshop at the Mattress Factory Museum yesterday and used their wireless to access my GoogleDocs – and edit them as folks introduced themselves and shared their content area focus! So yes – you can edit your docs now from the iPad on Safari. I believe that functionality was added just last week 😉

    Good luck on your next round of iPad inquiry! We’ll all enjoy hearing more about your adventures.

  2. Cory Wilkerson says:

    Great news Mara thanks!

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