iOS 4 – Screen lock changes to mute switch?

screen lockWhen I updated my iPad to the iOS 4, I suddenly had no sound. It took me a few minutes to discover that the mechanical switch on the side of the iPad had become a mute switch.

Previous to the update, the switch functioned as a screen lock. In the on position, the switch prevented the view from changing from horizontal to vertical orientation automatically when triggered by the iPad’s accelerometer. I kept my screen lock on as the default so this was a shock and disappointment until I figured out how to get my screen to lock again.

Double click on the home button (press it twice). You will get a new menu with a row of app icons. Swipe your figure across this row to the right. The screen lock icon is now on the far left. Here is a useful link that explains this and a few other changes for iPad in iOS 4. And another link, “How to lock iPad orientation…”

About Mary Elizabeth Meier

Program director of Mercyhurst University Art Education Program.
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One Response to iOS 4 – Screen lock changes to mute switch?

  1. John D. Pfeiffer says:

    Yes, and frustrating! I find iPad User Manual easy to download from Apple, but directions not clear as they might be.
    I have begun using apps for speech therapy with learning disabled high school students, and found simple tools like Penultimate to elicit voluntary verbal responses from an autistic student who had never before spontaneously verbalized.

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