Arts Educator 2.0 – Year 3, Day 3

Has it been a month since my last post?  Yes – and where has the time gone?  Into lots of behind the scenes management of our grant project, in planning, in meetings.

So how are are arts folks doing with their iPads?  We had our third meeting last Friday and if their use of the iPad during that meeting is any indication, then they are doing well!  Many folks were using the iPad only, while others had both their netbook and iPad out on the table.  As you can see in the picture of a “CIG Mixer” meeting (where two collaborative inquiry groups come together to talk) folks are committed to using their technologies.

The technologies we’ve purchased the art educators are increasingly becoming a mainstay in both their professional development, as well as in their classrooms.  The kinds of discussions we’ve been hearing are not only increasingly complex and mature (technology wise) but they are beginning to sound more like a gathering of technologists (vocabulary wise).  Many groups have now added a regular “iPad Swap” feature to their weekly meetings.  One CIG held a special meeting at a member’s home to have an “iPad Playground” event.  In most cases, folks are excited to visit with one another and to see what applications and ideas others have found for using the iPad personally and professionally.

Our CIGs have begun to explore the ISTE NETS-T standards more closely, looking to align their learning and use of equipment.  Also, some groups are beginning to examine the LOTI levels and HEAT frameworks to reflect on how their technology use might actually rate in terms of rigor and innovation.  These supports should go a long way towards helping the group inquiry questions connect to the technology standards and to make the use of technology transformative.

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