iPad as an accommodation tool

Bob previously told my collaborative inquiry group his story of using an iPad to help a visually impaired student.

While he has been busy using the iPad to accommodate special needs students, I have been finding resource after resource that points to the fact that he is not alone. Many people are finding the iPad to be a breakthrough technology in the special education world. Here are some resources you might spend some time checking out:

There are many more articles and sites out there. If you’ve found any other resources like this, go ahead and leave a comment on this post. Have any of you used your iPad to help accommodate for special situations in your classroom?


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One Response to iPad as an accommodation tool

  1. Thanks for the article. Our app, AutoVerbal, was mentioned in a couple of those posts, so I just wanted to chime in. We’ve received great feedback and it’s exciting to be able to help give voice to the non-verbal!

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