Need a 2nd Screen? Try Air Display

Last weekend I was juggling SPSS software data sets, output, a word document and statistics notes all on the same Mac laptop screen. And then I discovered the Air Display app… This allowed me to move some of my work over to the iPad window as a 2nd viewing window:

I downloaded the app to my iPad and followed the instructions. Looks like this:

Once I restarted my Mac, I went into System Preferences and the “Air Display” icon appeared at the lower left side. When I clicked on it, I got a window that looked like this:

I then selected the iPad device and clicked the “on” button. The screen then flashed blue and the iPad magically became a 2nd window (the Air Display app had to be open on the iPad first though). ; ) This app is well worth the $9.99 and did I mention it apparently can be used as a wireless mouse?

I haven’t tried that to see if the wireless mouse is worthwhile on the iPad (although I am thinking about it for with my iPhone). I wonder if anyone else has ideas on this?





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4 Responses to Need a 2nd Screen? Try Air Display

  1. Yep, it’s great! I write for iPhone Life Magazine and I wrote about AirDisplay here:

    …and I’ll be meeting the developer at CES in early January.

    The possibilities are really intriguing. It’s more than just an extra monitor. It’s wireless and bidirectional via the touchscreen. You could use it as a video monitor for iMovie or even a live preview for an actor to view their performance.

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  4. Hi Camille,

    Thanks for this! I’ve been a fan of dual displays for several years now. I am fond of opening up my work email on the extra display while keeping my workspace for the laptop. I think it will be fun to try Air Display to see if it might be able to handle a third display – my brain is already thinking about how this might adjust my workflow. One thing is for sure, I do play to get Air Display setup to function with my work laptop so that I have portable second display for the office and for travel situations. Thanks for your post!

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