Not so “delicious” anymore

This is not a specific iPad post, but rather a “heads up” to anyone who utilizes the social bookmarking tool, Delicious.  If you are like many of us , then you undoubtedly utilize a social bookmarking tool to keep track on all the sites you locate in your digital wanderings on the Internet.  Having started bookmarking about 5 years ago, I am most fond of Delicious, as it was my first “love” so to speak.  Diigo, which came along a bit later is a close second.  I utilize Delicious so often, I’ve even added the app to my iPad.   It appears its now time for a change.

Announced on several blogs yesterday (TechCrunch, PCMagazine) was the news that Yahoo (who own Delicious) is going to phase out Delicious.  While we don’t have specifics about when the bookmarking tool will disappear, it seems pretty urgent to begin to consider other options.  If you’ve come to rely heavily upon Delicious, or have encouraged other educators to do so, it seems critical to spread the word about Delicious’ demise – the need for a backup system, the need to transfer bookmarks to another tool asap.  Otherwise it might be a situation similar to having your computer crash with all of your data and files on it – without duplicates on an external harddrive.

If you are interested in a little bit of personal professional development around Diigo over the holidays, here are some places to start (shared by some of the folks who are part of the PACFF Coach Listserv):

Ho, ho, ho, happy bookmarking!

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One Response to Not so “delicious” anymore

  1. An update to my post – I followed the instructions to download my Delicious bookmarks and upload them to Diigo. Seems to be going well – but the website is indicating a delay in processing of the upload. Will let you know how it turns out!

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