Back in the office today after an enjoyable holiday break, I found myself peeking in on my PLN (Personal Learning Network) to see if there were any new ideas or apps I might utilize in 2011.  Came across 2 noteworthy items to share with our arts-educator community:

For our music folks:
Thanks to David Berlin, I read more about the Deep Listening Institute who have created an amazing free program called “Adaptive Use Musical Instruments” – which allows folks with multiple disabilities to create music.  The software is free  and  looks amazing for anyone!  If you’ve got some extra holiday cash, they are accepting donations towards a teacher professional development project with the software.

For our visual arts folks:
On Twitter today, the poster “IPADTIMES” shared a new app for the iPad called “Graffitti Spray Can 2.”  It was my favorite price, free.  The only caveat I’d give is that it does have rap music in the background – so you’ll want to pre-listen to make sure the content in the lyrics is appropriate to your classroom before letting kids spray away.  The tool though is quite nice.  You can read more about Graffitti Spray here.


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