DiscoveryED on your iPad

At our IU1 Curriculum Coordinators Council meeting this morning we had two reps from Discovery Ed (Discovery Streaming) in to talk about the new enhancements to their offerings.  One of the neat items mentioned was an enhanced site which allows registered users to view content on their iPads.  This seems pretty neat as many or all flash based videos can’t be seen on the iPad.

Below are the steps I followed with screen shots of what the pages look like on the iPad.




  1. I went to the site as directed:
  2. I logged in with my IU1 username and password for DiscoveryEd
  3. I clicked on the “arts” tab
  4. I clicked on the “music” category
  5. I added a direct link to my iPad desktop so I could access the site directly, versus with a browser

You’d be interested to know that there are lots of great resources listed – and MANY on criticism and aesthetic standards in the arts.  These may be of a great help to those of you who are incorporating standards into your line of inquiry.

For our ArtsEducator2.0 participants – its important for you to know that ALL of IU1’s 25 districts currently have some access to Discovery Ed’s content.  If you have never seen the videos available for arts related topics, I HIGHLY recommend you get your district user login info and check out the content today.  If they don’t have the info, you can email me directly and I will share your district codes with you individually.  Enjoy!

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