Into the Mystic… Creating Blog Post Titles that Rock…

Exploring how to write more engaging blog titles…. I have a lot to learn. Blog entry cross-referenced here:

I have noticed that in many blogs, when you ask a question at the end, that people frequently offer ideas and/or answer your question, so I will try it out…. Anyone else have ideas on creating more engaging blog titles?


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2 Responses to Into the Mystic… Creating Blog Post Titles that Rock…

  1. I really enjoyed this post Camille! I’ve been thinking lately about how we name workshops at the IU and how that impacts people’s choice to sign up or not. I suspect that names that use complicated or overly academic lingo tend to turn folks away, whereas titles that imply some fun to be had while learning, may draw folks in. I also think that people’s familiarity with the terms we use, or lack of it, play a critical role.

    Not being a huge rock fan, your title intrigued me, but didn’t draw me in the way a jazz title might have. Guess the most important thing to think about is the audience – to create a title that will reach the broadest number of that audience, intrigue them, and get them hooked!

    Thanks for helping me think about this.

  2. Cory Wilkerson says:

    Loved that article Camille- thank you! I am offering it to my collaborative inquiry group as some great advice for how to write a blog post.

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