It Will Be One for the “Record Books”

With just a week to go before our next ArtsEducator 2.0 gathering, the excitement is mounting.  We are looking forward to working again with some incredible young musicians from Pittsburgh, Cello Fury. Our faculty faciltator and co-blogger,  David Berlin, has been working on some great activities which will connect the iPad to Cello Fury’s performance!

In a nutshell, David has created an original composition for Cello Fury to play next Friday.  Once we have engaged in critical response to the work, David will engage all of us who own an iPad, in a techno-jam-session.  He has created a list of “rules to follow” in assisting our playing along with Cello Fury, to ensure that the combined performance is thoughtful as well as tuneful.  David has even submitted a proposal to the Guinness Book of World Records for their consideration of the event as the first entry for “the World’s Largest iPad Band.”  While the record may not last long, it should be fun for our arts educators to be able to list on their resume’s that they’ve been part of such a record breaking event!

We hope to livestream the event from our wikipage here.  Please join us the morning of Friday, March 4th to see us attempt to make history!

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3 Responses to It Will Be One for the “Record Books”

  1. timbolstad says:

    I browsed around for a bit, but couldn’t find any mention of where this is taking place.

  2. Phil Mabey says:

    All the best for today’s record attempt, we have given you all a shout out on our blog, let’s hope the live stream works!

  3. Thanks for the press Phil! We had 57 iPads in play today. We hope that will be the number to top for a few weeks at least 😉

    You can see our documentation and stream recordings here:

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