iOS4.3 – Audio/Video Mirroring is Here!

From my perspective as an educator, perhaps the most enticing new feature on the iPad2 is the ability to send a video signal to a projector or TV that allows others so see everything. I have missed this feature sorely when I have wanted to connect my iPad to a projector and use it to demonstrate. I wanted to show my real time actions on iPad like I would with a laptop to navigate to Web sites and model other tasks. To do this with iPad, iPad 2, iPhone4 and iPod touch (4th gen) one will need the Apple Digital AV Adapter (sold separately). See also this engadget article. And thanks to a reader comment for the correct info that this is an iOS4.3 feature, not an isolated iPad 2 feature. It appears that apple has updated their website to explain the mirroring with the new adapter is only possible with the iPad 2. Thanks to the comment by reader Phil Mabey (see comment below).

I am also intrigued as I consider the implications of two cameras and the thinner, slightly lighter design.  I will be interested to read what others find interesting as educational applications of the new iPad 2 and iOS4 new release.

About Mary Elizabeth Meier

Program director of Mercyhurst University Art Education Program.
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3 Responses to iOS4.3 – Audio/Video Mirroring is Here!

  1. As an App Developer, this was of great interest to me, too. It will be perfect for demos and presentations. Just to clarify, you don’t need an iPad 2… just the new cable, and iOS 4.3 which has video mirroring built-in. The cable supports the latest gear, specifically:

    “The Apple Digital AV Adapter also supports video out for iPad, iPhone 4, or iPod touch (4th generation”

  2. John Pfeiffer says:

    The AV Adapter will certainly will be welcomed by all educators and many speakers. I view the iPad 2 as the springboard for much more significant innovations certain to come in iPad 3. What’s new in iPad 2 isn’t really earthshaking, but the AV Adapter will, as you point out, surely expand it’s usefulness to those who teach.

  3. Phil Mabey says:

    I am just putting together a series of posts about how iPad 2 is going to impact certain creative fields for our site, we covered Video Makers yesterday, but as an Educator myself I am currently researching how we can use iPad 2’s new features, so this was of intrest, thank you.

    I would love to hear any specific subject delivery ideas you have for the Mirroring feature, or how pwrhaps FaceTime could be used or the Video, etc., with full attribution if I quote you of course! ^_^

    Todd Sadly I think Mirroring IS only an iPad 2 feature, hence my hankering for an upgrade. Have a look at the pale grey text on the right of Apple’s store page.

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