Case Closed

I often pride myself on having knowledge of new tech things where I work and especially when I talk to my family.  The number of times I have walked my mother through recording “Dancing with the Stars” on the built in DVR would look like a prisoner making tick marks on the wall of a jail cell for a life sentence.  That being said… being in a room full of people who have made use of iPads, recorders, and other techie objects for the betterment of their classrooms takes some of that zip out of my stride (in all the best ways).  So when my iPad case started turning heads I figured I’d take a minute and spread the good word about this tasty little tech nugget.  I was told of a case at Brookstone (most likely at every other similar store) that was $99 and came with a built in keyboard.  This seemed like a great idea because I frequently take notes in classes and meeting and would much rather carry my iPad than a laptop if possible.  So I started hunting the interwebs and finally to a site that I typically visit only for kitschy gifts. wound up having some really great tech gadgets for a reasonable price.  So I bought this tri-fold case and have had the chance to dork around on it.  Basically, it comes with a keyboard (condensed to fit the size of the iPad) with some basic controls for the iPad.  It has volume controls on the keyboard, much like most macs, with the addition of a home button that when double clicked opens the search screen for the iPad.  It connects to the iPad via Bluetooth so it requires a one-time super-easy setup and charges via a USB cable (included in the package!!!…wow…its like free…kinda).  It also kick stands onto the keyboard so it keeps the screen tilted like a laptop would be.  Overall, It has been great so far.  My one complaint is that I’d still like to have another case, either thinner or with a hand grip, for doing small group presentations / demonstrations.  Anyway, the link is below.  Enjoy!

And if you get a chance, the StayPuft caffeinated marshmallows are a bargain as well… just an idea…


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