Teach this Old Dog New Tricks

Our arts educators have had their iPads for approximately 7 months now and they are really beginning to innovate with them.  In a multi-purposed gathering last Friday (a lunchtime iPad focus group) we had a chance to hear more stories of how folks are making the iPad go to work for them in the most fascinating ways!

Project-wise we are charged with documenting what we do, as are our educators.  We are also charged with sharing our learning and project model as widely as possible.  To that end, many of the project faculty have created conference proposals to talk about elements of the work that are near and dear to their hearts.  Camille and I have presented at PETE&C on the iPad as a tool for inquiry, and will present on a similar topic at ISTE in Philadelphia.  To that end, we have begun to gather the best of the best of what our arts educators are doing on our project wikispace, with the help of Jordan Mroziak.  We welcome you to look over the resources and videos there to inform your own playful exploration of iPad use.

One of the best things that has come of giving iPads to educators as part of inquiry is that they have begun to teach us old-dogs new tricks.  One of the best things that happens when we gather is iPad swapping and the creation of lists of recommended apps.  One barely has to go to the App store with a group like this!  If you are someone who does like to search for new apps however, I recommend you try one that was shared just last week by our RedCIG group – AppShopper.  Its a much easier interface to find what you need, app-wise… at least in the world of this old dog!

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