Garageband on the iPad!!!!!

Recently Apple released iMovie and Garageband for the iPad.  Naturally, I was a bit skeptic. I have used recording softwares before and used Garageband pretty extensively on my MacBook Pro.  I wasn’t exactly confident that the iPad could handle the overall interface or manage the type of processing power that I know audio and video can demand. Well…enough of my chatter.  Needless to say, my experience with Garageband on iPad… wow…just….wow!

It was only $4.99 in the App Store which is intensely reasonable for having drums, keys, organs, bass, electric and acoustic guitar sounds.  Oh, and there is vocal processing tools as well.  Its a miniature studio with an absolutely amazing graphic interface.  Super easy to navigate, I spent about 5 minutes clicking around and found tons of great usable tools.  The ability to quantize, add reverb & echo, loops sections, and limit notes to specific scales..all at my fingertips.

Above is the how the bass playing section looks… with specific chords available to show keys and also create complimentary basslines.  There is even an autoplay button that comes with pre-created patterns for every instrument.

The instrument lineup shows the specific loops you have created with optional buttons for solo-ing and muting individual tracks.

The only thing I am missing is the interface to plug a guitar in so that I could record my flesh & blood electric.  At any rate, I have to get back to recreating “Dark Side of the Moon” on my iPad…

Here is a little snippet I did first time around… only took a few minutes.

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One Response to Garageband on the iPad!!!!!

  1. Hi Jordan,

    Just a caveat to you and others reading this blog. At the present time, iMovie only works on the iPad 2 (iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 4th Gen). Although I just read about a way to make it work on iPad 1 if you are up for the challenge!

    I put iMovie on my iPhone and just love it. Am in the process of installing Garage Band and am excited to try it out this weekend!

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