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Got Web2.0 Tools?

Blogging over at the Red Cig Blog (Artandmusictechmaste[RED])… Got Web2.o Tools? Advertisements

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Do Some iPad “Arts” Apps Stifle Children’s Creativity?

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Into the Mystic… Creating Blog Post Titles that Rock…

Exploring how to write more engaging blog titles…. I have a lot to learn. Blog entry cross-referenced here: I have noticed that in many blogs, when you ask a question at the end, that people frequently offer ideas and/or … Continue reading

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Need a 2nd Screen? Try Air Display

Last weekend I was juggling SPSS software data sets, output, a word document and statistics notes all on the same Mac laptop screen. And then I discovered the Air Display app… This allowed me to move some of my work … Continue reading

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iPad Triple Interface Dongle

Dear Santa, The triple interface dongle just went on sale today. Sure hope you know how much I would love one of these for my stocking. In case you haven’t seen this yet, perhaps we could cut a deal. I … Continue reading

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Barriers to Technology Integration

Friday at Day 3 of ArtsEducator2.0, The red collaborative inquiry group I am facilitating talked a little about barriers to technology integration. Since this is a topic that seems very relevant to teachers, I wrote a blog post about it … Continue reading

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iPads and Professional Development

Yesterday was the opening day of year 3 of ArtsEducator2.0, the day when over 48 arts educators received their iPads. Our group was very excited to explore this digital device and I was thrilled to see the collaboration that began … Continue reading

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