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General posts which discuss the iPad in art and arts education.

iPads in the Sandbox

Do you take your iPad to the beach?  Would you take your iPad in a sandbox?  Well come and see 47 art, music, and theater teachers do that with their iPads – using virtual sand of course! On Friday, May … Continue reading

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A Dozen Great Ways to Use the iPad!

As part of our documentation of the ArtsEducator 2.0 project, we have been collecting stories of how the iPad is being used in classrooms across the 3 counties that IU1 serves.  As of today, our video count has reached twelve … Continue reading

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A “Splashy” New App

Earlier this week I read about an app called “Splashtop Remote” on the PA CFF Coach listserv.  $5.00 and about 30 minutes later (after reading through the procedure at Jim Gates’ Tipline Blog) I can now access my home desktopfrom … Continue reading

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Teach this Old Dog New Tricks

Our arts educators have had their iPads for approximately 7 months now and they are really beginning to innovate with them.  In a multi-purposed gathering last Friday (a lunchtime iPad focus group) we had a chance to hear more stories … Continue reading

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iOS4.3 – Audio/Video Mirroring is Here!

From my perspective as an educator, perhaps the most enticing new feature on the iPad2 is the ability to send a video signal to a projector or TV that allows others so see everything. I have missed this feature sorely … Continue reading

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A Brush with Genius

I’ve tried using my Targus stylus for some basic drawings on my iPad.  It did not go well, mostly because I have very little artistic ability.  But while some people have managed to do some pretty impressive artwork with a Sharpie, there … Continue reading

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iPads at University of Notre Dame

Here is an article from regarding university students picking iPads over textbooks.  There are several interesting points made. To me, the part that announced itself most clearly was about students being given very few instructions, the rationale for doing so, and the … Continue reading

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